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A buddy is attempting to make soaps in the shape of the City of Heroes Archtypes.. sounds pretty cool :D
When things settle down for me I'm going to donate!

Here is her link if this interests you also :D
Seeking Soap-lovin' Patrons!EDIT: I've adjusted my deal,

to maybe make it more appealing to donators!
Sending this out again to maybe get some interest
I really want to start making these soaps!
Bullet; Red Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; Red Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; Red Bullet; White Bullet; Blue Bullet; Red       
My etsy shop will be closed for alittle whlie because we are moving yet again. This time to montana. I will let you know when it reopens
So ive been working on these pair of dolls for my mom for like a year. what took so long? well i had to figure out the lights on it. Here is a video so you can see them in action!  We used EL wire and made them activate to sound. Its real
It's really neat! merry xmas mommy!
I'm happy that i have alil space where we are staying to get some sewing done, but I sure do miss having a space set up for my creative adventures. I have to keep hoping that i'll get that back again. A place for me to organize what I have. A Window to let some natural sunlight in to brighten my day. Some dolls set up to inspire and motivate me on. My Photo staging area where the dolls would sit and tell me what they wanted to do. My long table and comfy chair. 

Dear Santa my xmas wish: a space to call my own 
I joined DA about 3 years ago. It all started with my Layla Rei DollSoylent Green Dinner by Rei2jewels
and a simply brown background.  I really started taking pictures of my doll to amuse myself and my friends because it makes me happy to make people laugh. With the help from :icongelkindor: I started getting requests  for commission dolls and why not do funny pics of those also? The Captain is outa line by Rei2jewels
I've made great friends thru DA who shared my love of dolls and City of heroes like :iconfurry-jackal: :iconsyrusbliz: :iconraythemax: (who keeps changing their name :P ) :iconperfidus: :iconmilandare:

just to mention a few 
Maid to order by Rei2jewels

I've experimented with different things in order to tell a story with my dolls and still entertain
Return of Statesman by Rei2jewels
and even thou i might feel overwhelmed with all the dolls I need/want to make.. Stories that asked to be told.. and the need to make people smile
One tired layla by Rei2jewels
I plan to keep up my Deviantart adventure for more years to come :)
so to update you guys.. Nick and I have decided that we are moving. He hasnt found a job, so we are either moving to TX or NC to live with family. I would like to clear out some of my Etsy items so I dont have to pack them. So lets do a 20% off sale to tempt you guys in helping with that :) When buying from my Etsy shop, enter MOVE20 in the coupon box on checkout. Make sure to hit apply otherwise the discount wont show up.


Commissions are on hold for the moment til this crisis is over =.=
So a fellow CoH lover made a video where you can make a CoH scarfs from fleece. It also features my plushies at the end XD Go check out the Video 
and she offers custom scarfs on her etsy!
So a City of Hero friend started a Deviantart page :D Go check out :iconredbugdesigns: I cant wait to see what she's going to post! so far she has a custom blaster lip balm design up! COH Blaster Lip Balm by redbugdesigns
EDIT*Commissions are on hold for the moment while i deal with Personal stuff like a move =.=  If you are already on the list please be patient, I'm working really hard to get through the list while packing and stuff*

Since we still havent found jobs ( see this if you want to know what's going on) I'm going to have to reopen commissions and work my butt off.  TY to all that have helped me so far. Big hugz to you!

New to me? well I make button eye dolls. Feel free to browse my gallery to see the different examples. I love to do City of Heroe themed ones but I'll give anything a shot if i have a ref pic. I'm a very easy person to work with.

Returning customer? Yay! kissy kissy! Reserve your doll slot while you can!

Price?- Starting price for the default 13inch doll is going to be 35 dollars. everything depends on what you want and how much it's going to hurt my brain. Things like goggles, wings, pets, weapons, Led lights in the eyes.. or complex costumes could raise the price up. Shipping for one doll is 6.50 to US addresses. So that means you are looking at atleast 41.50 total .If you are international you will have to let me know to get you a estimated shipping cost. If you are under a 100.00 dollars you will not have to pay til I have completed the doll. Anything over 100 dollars will have to pay half up front before I will start on the doll. 

LED LIGHTS? yes I have put LED lights in the eyes in the past and I'll offer that again.. but we are not offering the Timed ones anymore.  So I'll make it where when you push on the belly the lights will come on. example 
Dark Stream Show by Rei2jewelsLayla is caught again by Rei2jewelsLuna close up by Rei2jewels
This will add 10 dollars to your doll. Let me know what color you want and I'll see if i have it 
I have used EL wire in the past but it can be pricey so that can be discuss if your interested

Size?- Here are the sizes that I have done in the past 
Dollsizes by Rei2jewels  I prefer to do most dolls in the 13inch size and sometimes I use the layla 12inch for girls because it makes them cuter. But if there's a different size you want here's your choices. If you pick the 9 inch thou you will lose alot of detail. It's hard for me to squeeze everything on a small doll XD and I will only do the 9 inch for special ppl. :P (Lick) I also have a 36inch doll pattern i havent tried yet.. but some day :P (Lick) 

Quote? So you're interested and want to know what I need to get you a quote. Contact me thru here.. my etsy or my FB if you have found me there (I dont Facebook much) I might redirect you to my email. What I need from you is:

-Character's name
-ref pics, screenies or costume files from CoH
- eye color , if the character wears glasses or sun glasses i might not put button eyes and just sew the glasses in
-If you are wanting something other than the 13inch size
- basic descrip.. like brown hair.. his outfit is white/blue.. is he pale? his he dark tan? I know that seems silly since your sending me a pic but what i see and you see might be different.. I just want to make sure we are on the same page. But also keep in mind that i'm restricted to what I can find at the craft store.
-You can give me a short description of character like.. he has electric powers.. or hes a grumpy person that hates this or loves this.. I might use this info when setting up the funny pics i do. 
-any special detail on the costume that is important
-when you need it by.. if it's a present to someone.. and such
-Best way to contact you.. I will contact you a week or two before i start on the doll and if I have any questions and i would like to contact you where I know you will check regularly. 
-how you will be paying.. I usually list the finished doll on my etsy but if you prefer to go directly thru paypal just let me know. I take paypal,check or money order thru my etsy btw.

What happens next? Once I have gotten your request I will send you a quote and maybe some questions XD You then have to message me back letting me know you want to go forward with the doll. At that point you are added to "the list" I will message you again a week or two before I start on the doll to confirm you still want it.  Once I have completed it i will let you know and then list it on my etsy (or send you pics if going thru paypal directly) and it will not get shipped until it has been paid for. 

My Concerns
 be nice to your doll maker! Keep in mind I will be spending atleast 8 hours on your doll. I will try to make the very best doll I can but try not to get too picky with me.. You will get more luvs from me if your a easy going customer :) (Smile) 

Other things you should know:

 I might use your dolls in some pics on my Deviantart site. Or post them on FB. if you do not want this please let me know. 

My dolls are meant to be decorative dolls and not recommended for sm children because there are some places that I hand sewn and might not hold up to a child's rought play :)

My dolls are also Allergic to baths. I use alot of different materials which will not hold up if put in a washing machine or hand washed. they are like gremlins, get them wet at your own risk :)

And lastly My dolls are made in a cat loving, smoke free home. I do my best to keep cat hair off of my dolls but there's always a chance I will miss something. 

What about ponies? I have done them in the past and sure if you want one let me know. It's usually 17inch plush for 50 dollars example:
Dr Whooves and Miss Derpy by Rei2jewels

There's other things like loafs.. luscas.. eyeball plushies .. keychains.. jewerly. so if you have something you want it doesnt hurt to ask to see if i can do it.. Michael made me do a snorlax for xmas XD

So I think that's enough :P (Lick) So let me know if you want to reserve your doll slot. 

kissy kissy all!
Soo.. I usually dont share too much of myself on the net. I'm kinda of a private person but If I need help I should let you guys know. 

My husband just lost his job.. It was a punch in the belly for us. It's kinda a long story of what happen but a simple way of saying it.. they decided they didnt need him anymore and fired him. We dont know what we are going to do.. we are in shock right now.  He's going out today to a temp agency to see if he can get something so we can get some money coming in. I will probably have to get a job where i can walk to (we only have one car) because the doll thing just doesnt pay enough to keep us floating . We have three months left on our lease so unless something awesome happens we will probably have to move. 

Mentally i'm messed up.. I'm trying to keep the "we should have done.. or I should have .." outa my head because that's the past and We need to figure out how to survive at this moment. 

If you want to help there's a couple of things you can do:

-any positive thoughts our way.. or a message of a hug or encouragement to try and keep my mood from getting so down
-If you live in the Tulsa,OK  or DFW,TX area( because we might move back in with my mom) and know of a good job then let us know
-Share my etsy site with others that might be interested in buying something
-and even thou I hate to say it but if anyone wants to donate money to us then I will be very grateful

I'll keep you guys updated
My dollmaking room has gotten really bad with things piled here and there.. things unorganized and a ton of half done projects.. and I decided  it's enough.. i'm going to clean it today.. I might even organize my patterns.. well maybe not that extreme >.>  
taking a break from commissions to work on some personal projects and to do other things like work in my garden.. go swimming.. and maybe slay a dragon who knows
Do you find yourself missing the redside on City of Heroes/Villains? Well Liz has come to the rescue! Her Villain shirt is on sale on for 11-16 dollars(depending on size)! Today only!!!

I really want one but I'm taking a friend to a expensive restaurant for his bday tomorrow so i have to save my money for that =.=  But i cant wait to show you what i made him!

anyways! go buy a shirt!
I think my cat is stealing my doll ears >.>  So i'm working on a 6 doll set and i have the ears off to the side and i catch him sneaking in and trying to take them >.> 
Just incase anyone is interested, I've been asked to be a Guest on "Nothing to Say with DJ Charlie" on 
If you are curious to hear what I sound like, tune in from 7pm-9pm eastern time on Sunday ( March 16th) 
I have no idea what we will talk about.. there might be silence filled with cricket sounds. I'm just hoping I dont bore anyone to death >.> Plus I hear that you can join in live chat so come join in the fun :)
There will be a lack of pictures for alittle bit. I'm sick again with a cough and junk. So the hubby is making me stay in bed til i'm better. 

besides being sick  the weight loss update is I've lost 2 inches in my hips, waist and chest . I've also lost about 4 pounds . I'm behind in making my adipose :) 
Congrats to 
:iconobsidianlight23: on winning the hero heart necklace

:iconbhudicae: on winning the villain heart necklace 
It's my Birthday Week! My birthday is on sunday feb 9th and I plan on going to a local game shop and playing some board games and eating some cake.  Maybe i'll wear a pretty dress also.. :)